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It’s Nice To Be The Hero Instead Of The Goat

SO from time to time, people say things that really have my mind racing with ideas about the statement. And recently, Husband said something during one of our many gchats:

“Ya know, every now and again, it’s nice to be the hero instead of the goat …”

And yeah, it sounds like a real simple statement, but when you think about it, it’s actually a pretty profound statement given the blame-fest we live in today. Every one is pointing fingers so they won’t have to be responsible for the result of a decision. And yeah the easiest example to call out at the moment is politics and how these crazies are blaming EVERYTHING on Obama, but I won’t go there because I’m not ready to fully disclose of my political opinions just yet. I’ll leave that for another post on another day. But yeah, this whole if it goes awry, be prepared to blame someone else has gotten completely out of control. Aside from politics, there are plenty of examples through religion as well. But I don’t want to go there either because I want to look at something closer to home: Family!

There are so many examples of this just by turning on the TV or looking through my News Feeds. Parents killing their kids, kids killing their parents and/or siblings, Family killing family … All over nonsense! Why? Because life isn’t going as I wanted it to and I need someone to blame and I pick you because you’re the easiest target. Rather than deal with the issue at hand so as to again better each other (see previous post about Eve), we’d rather take the easy route and just blame someone else so we never have to face our own faults. So the other person becomes our scapegoat so we can continue on our path without any responsibility. Right?

Well, this blame game does more harm than good and it’s no wonder why people have become less and less of the heroes of yesteryear. I’m not asking for another Sojourner Truth, another Martin Luther King Jr., or even another Barack Obama. I’m talking about when parents, guardians, older family members, and so on used to be heroes in the eyes of the children. Not because they were perfect, but because of the love that was behind everything that they did. I know that to this day my personal hero still shows me that same love and I wouldn’t trade her for the world; I’m convinced God placed her in my life and that my life has been blessed (and hopefully a blessing to others) because of her (more on her later :)).

What happened to the days in which these same folks made their children feel special, like they were the apple of their eye, their sunshine on a cloudy day? It’s so sad how many children look outside the home for that acceptance for that “hero” status these days. It really saddens my heart that that’s so rampant and yet we still continue to blame the media and every other area in the lives of our children. And I refuse to be apart of that foolishness, I already know that my child is another addition to my life miracles that God has blessed me to have responsibility of raising. I promise to do my part in ensuring that Kiddo (Whatsit, Muffin, or whatever nickname you have deemed for Baby Moore) knows from now until the end of the world just how special their little life is to me. On bad days and sad days, I’ll ensure that I show the love that my heroes continue to show me.

And let’s not forget about one another because see I want my heroes to always feel like their my heroes even when life and other people make them feel like goats. It does something to a person when they feel that feeling of being needed and wanted by others. It makes a person want to continue to do better and to help someone else on their way. That feeling continues to be a part of them as they go throughout life, contributing to others’ lives.

So through it all, I’ll be sure to continue to show the love that I have now and forever more to the other person that contributed to our little life blessing. I’ll continually show Husband that he is my hero and I’ll instill that same love and admiration into Kiddo and any other children that follow. I think that really helps the family dynamic because without that enforcement, kids can start developing their own warped sense of things and that’s definitely not what I want for us as a family.

Along with him, I will continue to try to show love to all those heroes that have helped in saving my life and just improving my quality of life. I’ll continue to show you just how important you are not just through my actions toward you, but also in my actions and words with the youth that I am responsible for spreading love to. So fam & friends … keep your head up and know that there’s at least one person out here rooting for you to be an even better hero cause I don’t need no goats. And be sure to make the ones you love and cherish feel like heroes every now and again because they need it.

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