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Lakers fined $500,000

Earlier today, the NBA made an announcement. The league fined the Lakers $500,000 for violating the NBA’s anti-tampering rule.

The issue began with the Lakers and Paul George. Rob Pelinka and Paul George’s agent allegedly communicated with each other. The discussions took place while Paul George was still under contract. Pelinka is the General Manager of the L.A Lakers. The anti-tampering rule prevents teams from recruiting players from other teams. If the player is still under contract, teams cannot publicly express their interest in them. The NBA launched an investigation and found that the Lakers violated this rule.

In the NBA, all kinds of rumors circulate around the league. Paul George is going to the Lakers.  LeBron James is going to the Lakers next year. Carmelo Anthony is going to the Rockets. The list goes on. The rumors will never cease, but perhaps the tampering will. The NBA is trying to send a message, and they used the Lakers as an example

Will the NBA anti-tampering rules become more strict?


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