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Snippet: The 6 Numbers

Since I left corporate America, of my own free will, in 2015, I have been busy doing a few things. Project Management freelance work, marketing consulting, seasonal jobs (have to help to pay the bills at times) and of course writing. Writing is my passion and joy. I wanted to allow my readers to see that I haven’t just been blowing smoke. I’ve recently published my first novel – The 6 Numbers. A mystery that revolves around lottery winnings. My Private Investigator, Anaya Meadows, takes on a case where she looks to find out what happens when a group of coworkers win the big lottery, but then, the person who everyone trusted to hold on to the money and the tickets disappeared. Here is a brief snippet of the novel for your reading pleasure.

“Can you believe it? Can you fricking believe it?” Laura Bowden asked Jennifer Hoseler. “We’re rich! I can’t believe it!” Laura repeated, as she went up to Jennifer and hugged her gleefully.

“I know!” Jennifer said as she returned the hug with tears in her eyes. “I hardly knew what to do when Carrie called me this morning. I just knew she was going to be calling in.”

As Joshua Rettner, the accounts receivable department manager, approached the two, he asked, “Has anyone called Matt to find out where he’s at now?”

“Joann is,” Jennifer replied. “She’s in her office calling him right now.”

Just then, Joann Mills, the financial department manager, stepped out of her office with a huge smile on her face and said, “I just got off the phone with Matt. He’s getting dressed now and coming into work so that we can all meet and make a plan to go collect our mun-nay!!!” The four employees busted out laughing.

Michael Hitton, a temporary employee in the accounts receivable department, who was also in the lottery group, walked around the corner to see his co-workers laughing and hugging. “What’s all the commotion and noise about this early in the morning?” he asked.

They all looked at him laughing at first, until they realized that he didn’t know. “Michael.!” Joann said, “You haven’t heard the news? We’re all going to be a lot richer! The lottery, man! We won! The big one!”

Joshua interjected, “We’re rich, man! We’re rich!”

Michael looked at them in disbelief at first until he realized they weren’t kidding, but, rather, were serious.  “Wait. So, are you telling me that we actually won some money? Won some money?!” Michael asked. “Not just a few dollars?”

“Michael,” Laura said, “not just a few dollars! We won the whole thing! The big game! All of our numbers matched!”

Michael, still in disbelief, just flopped into the nearest chair. Confusion and joy overtook his facial expression. He immediately began to think of what he would do first with the money. What bills he could pay off. What trips he could take. The fact that he could finally move out of his parents’ basement and get a place of his own. He had so many ideas and thoughts in his head that he didn’t know what to do.

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