Team World vs Team Africa

Earlier today, the NBA held in Johannesburg,South Africa. The game featured several familiar faces around the league. The players were split into two teams, Team World and Team Africa.Team World featured US stars such as Kyle Lowry and DeMarcus Cousins. Team World also featured international stars such as Dirk Nowitzki

The Importance of Vacation

As an employee of any corporation, you will work 40+ hours per week. As an entrepreneur of your own company, you will work way more. Regardless of what you do, unless you win the lottery or come into a large sum of money, you will spend the majority of your

A Rock & a Hard Place

It's inevitable that during our lifetime we are going to come across difficult decisions. There are going to be times where we must mull over which course of action is the best for us to take and weigh the pros and cons of each. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to

Derrick Rose Signs With Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had what Kyrie Irving called a  "peculiar" off-season. They've made a few signings, but nothing drastic. According to reports, the Cavs recently made another move. Derrick Rose has agreed to sign with the Cavaliers.Derrick Rose had discussions with the Lakers and Cavaliers. He met with the

John Wall

We are 4 weeks into the NBA off-season. There were a few big trades and signings, but the action has slowed down. There are two key aspects of this off-season. This off-season has been about "security" and becoming a contender. The Houston Rockets are a great example.A few weeks ago,


Being an author is great. I get the chance to write down whatever I choose to, based on however I feel.  The fact that you can write on a wide range of topics is great. It's a great release and allows me the opportunity to speak my mind. All of